Tips for your Pets

I am constantly coming across tips for my clients and their pets! We post tips on our Facebook and try to inform all clients that come through the door but the reality is that it doesn’t reach all clients. What a Shame! It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to learn. This blog will serve as Maricamp’s platform to educate all that are willing to learn! My husband and I place a huge priority on educating ourselves in order to help others. That being said we travel a ton to conferences that are for our specialities – my husband of course is the equine lameness professional while I am more of a dog and cat kind of girl with special interest in orthopedics. Then of course we travel for training from our management company throughout the year. Lucky You!!! All of this education will be coming right to you as we gain information!

Do you see anything wrong with the picture with my husband?? Hint… What is his name? Ambien for insomnia

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