Here at Maricamp Animal Hospital, we are excited to announce our in-house ultrasound. This is one way we are continuing to provide the absolute best care for your pet.

Diagnostic ultrasound, which was originally used and design for humans, has been proven to be a powerful tool for veterinarians. Ultrasounds are a non-invasive and non-radiographic, and instead, use high-frequency sound waves which provide a safe and harmless experience for your pet. It has been a vital tool that has helped us diagnose patients without having to go into surgery.

The ultrasound allows for the evaluation of internal organs and is a highly useful tool in evaluating heart conditions, taking biopsies of internal organs, and detecting alterations in abdominal organs.

With the ability for real-time monitoring, ultrasounds are also utilized for pregnancy diagnosis and development monitoring.

Since ultrasounds have the ability to obtain real-time information, outcomes can often be determined immediately. We will discuss the results with you that same day and if needed make recommendations for treatments and additional diagnostics.

If you have any questions regarding ultrasounds or any of our services please call us at (352) 624-0300 and our friendly front desk receptionist will be glad to answer any questions or to schedule an appointment. We love serving our local community and look forward to seeing your pet soon!