From routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering to more complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries, Maricamp Animal Hospital has a wide range of procedures performed at a level of expertise expected from veterinarians who have undergone postdoctoral training and education in small animal surgery.

Before and after surgery

We have made it our passion to determine the best course of action by creating thorough evaluations for each individual patient. This can include digital radiology, x-rays, or endoscopes to determine your pets needs. These are gentle and painless procedures that help make accurate determinations.

All patients are carefully pre-screened prior to anesthesia, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet.

During surgery, there’s a variety of ways we monitor your pet. Whether it be their oxygen, blood pressure, heart levels or their body temperature we have all the bases covered for providing a safe, sterilized, and comfortable surgery.

After their surgery pets get to relax and recover in our post-surgery recover unit. This space was made for pets who just underwent the stresses of surgery to ensure a safe and comfortable recovering environment.


While we pride ourselves on providing most surgeries for small animals here are some that are the most popular here in Ocala, Florida.

  • Orthopedics (Bone & Joint)
  • Spay and Neutering
  • Soft Tissue/Cancer Growth Removals
  • Gastroenteric Blockage
  • Urinary Stones
Spay and Neuter Services
Spay/neuter are the surgical procedures that leave a dog or cat unable to produce litters of puppies or kittens. “Spaying” is for female animals, and male animals are “neutered.” There are advantages for both the health of your pet, their behavioral patterns, and the general reproduction rate of animals. For more information click here.

Other Procedures

There are other procedures that we can perform that are not listed here. Please contact us at (352) 624-0300 for advice on any surgical procedures that can be performed on a small animal. We pride ourselves on determining the best call to action for your pet and providing the appropriate solution.