Some pets face natural irritants or allergens which cause extreme skin discomfort and lower their quality of health. Here at Maricamp Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary dermatology services to help your cherished pet combat any allergens and irritations that are bothering their skin.

Skin evaluations are essential to the health of your pet and veterinary dermatologists are highly trained and experienced in the management of allergic skin.

Veterinary dermatologists test for allergens including air borne-allergens such as pollens of weed, trees, grass, and also allergens found in the home such as molds, and danders. Ticks, fleas, and mites also account for many skin problems along with food allergens, which we also look into.

Pets battling with allergens and skin irritation typically demonstrate pruritus (itching) by scratching, licking, rubbing and chewing at certain classic areas including the feet, muzzle, ears, armpits or groin. This can create worse complications for the pet such as alopecia (hair loss), erythema (reddening) and lichenification (thickening) of the skin.

In some cases, there are coexisting problems along with allergens. It is important to approach the diagnosis and treatment of any dermatology need in a methodical way by treating any bacterial or yeast infections and parasitic diseases that may be coexisting problems. In many cases, these additional problems can have an additive effect which causes an animal to itch when the allergy alone would not be enough to cause irritation. Eliminating these treatable problems may eliminate or significantly reduce a pets irritation.

Whatever the case may be for your pet’s discomfort, we pride ourselves in diagnosing the underlying cause and provide the appropriate treatment to relieve the discomfort.

Your pet’s skin is just as important as your own, so contact us today at (352) 624-0300.