Leigh Ann

Executive Director

Leigh-Ann is the Executive Director of Maricamp Animal Hospital and she has been with the practice since 2013. She has successfully completed her CEO training with Veterinary Practice Solutions and she aspires to take the tools that she has learned to help as many pets in Marion County. She is a California girl who loves going to the beach, listening to music and spending time with her family. Her passion in life is making a difference in the lives of pet owners everywhere and ensuring that each pet is advocated for and that they live long and healthy lives. She strives to ensure that each client’s experience is above and beyond what is expected and that the staff delivers the highest quality of medical care to each patient. She has two precious fur babies, Buddy a lab & Darla a shitzopoodle and they really only like each other.


Director of Medical Services

Madai Lopez was born and raised in Puerto Rico for 15 years and lived in Miami for another 15 years and has now made Ocala home. She started working with animals since 2006 and has loved all sorts of animals since childhood. She quickly took onto loving the wonders of medicine and hasn’t stopped working in the veterinary field since then. She is currently the Director Medical Services and Inventory Manager. She loves the challenge of solving medical puzzles and saving lives daily. She is bilingual and is currently in the pursuit of also adding American Sign Language to her skills. Madai has a big passion for all sorts of arts including clay crafts, performing arts and mix-media. She has a dog named Squishy with big hair and big personality just like her and enjoys making an impact on people, especially kids and youth.


Director of Administrations

Born in La Habana, Cuba, Yamy moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. She has lived in both Miami and Fort Myers, Florida. In 2014 Yamy and her family moved to Ocala wanting to be part of an exciting growing community. She keeps pretty busy as a wife and mother of six. Her love is also shared with three amazing dogs that she cares for as family. Recently, Mia, Yamy’s 2 years old Cavamalt had six puppies. With so many people and doggies around, Yamy often interchanges names between her kids and her pets. The funny thing is that everyone understands her including the dogs. Yamy’s compassionate nature keeps her passionate about working at Maricamp Animal Hospital knowing she’s making a difference helping families take care of their pets. With a willingness to serve and an interest in healthy living, she considers her work rewarding. Her satisfaction comes from being part of a team that takes care of pets like family members.


Director of Expansion
Bio Coming Soon!


Casey was born and raised in Ocala. He was an active member of Marion County’s 4-H program for 10 years showing various farm animals while learning valuable life lessons, responsibility, and instilling a hard work ethic. While primarily focused on showing dairy goats and dogs across the state he volunteered with the local community with Habitat for Humanity. He graduated Cum Laude from West Port then attended Central Florida Community College and earned his Associates Degree in Psychology. From there he attended the University of South Florida to continue his education. Casey moved back home to Ocala to be with his friends and family and searched for career opportunities. He realized his passion and career for life was helping others and working with animals. Casey found his career when he was hired in early 2015 by Maricamp Animal Hospital. He started off as a Kennel Technician learning the ropes of animal medicine. He quickly advanced thanks to hard work. Within a year and a half, he moved from Kennel Technician to Assistant Technician and finally to his current position as Technician. Casey has one furry kid named Penny a Welsh Corgi. When she sprints and zooms around the yard as fast as her stubby legs can move she grunts and snorts like a pig.



Natira, is a certified veterinary technician that moved from New Jersey. I have a son and 2 wonderful dogs Shayleigh, a Cocker Spaniel and Lyana, a Staffordshire Terrier mix. When I am not working my family and I like to go horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, archery or anything else that we can do together.



Hola! My name is Tatiana. I am originally from Puerto Rico and moved to Florida to pursue my passion of working with animals. I became a zookeeper and worked with different species of wildlife and educated zoo visitors about the conservation of species. I decided to further my knowledge in the animal care field, therefore, I graduated as a veterinary technician. Furthermore, I just recently obtained my Veterinary Technician Certification. I am excited to meet you all, and to take good care of your loving pets!



Jesi was born and raised in Titusville, Florida. Her passion for animals began at a young age while living on a horse farm. She has done volunteer work at SPCA of Brevard and with Titusville horse therapy. She has two dogs, a cat, and a snake. Jesi loves her job working with all the cats and dogs who come through the hospital. One of her superpowers is bathing cats on rare occasions! Her hobbies are drawing and reading.


Kennel Attendant

Born in Plantation, Florida Taylor and her family moved up to the Ocala area when she was young. Her passion for animals started when she was a little girl, she always saw herself working in the veterinary field. It not only has been her goal, but it has been her reality, she has worked with animals her entire life. Helping the animals and taking care of them is her passion and making sure they are not only healthy but that they are happy does nothing but make Taylor happy and feel like she did something important. She has multiple fur babies the majority of which are rescues at home with her and her husband to make their family complete. Their fur family includes: Louis a Pomeranian, Coco Chanel and Tiffany both of which are Yorkies, Bandit a Shih Tzu/Terrier Mix, Pebbles a Snorkie (Schnauzer/Yorkie Mix) and Skye their newest Siberian Husky, along with lots of chickens. Being a part of Maricamp Animal Hospital where we treat pets like our own family makes her love her job even more and she is looking forward to furthering her career here at Maricamp Animal Hospital.


Customer Care Representative

Stephanie is a native from Puerto Rico, she has had a passion for animals as long as she can remember. Her passion for animals started as a young child getting to freely explore the farmed, she called home. Moved to Florida in 2018 with her family after surviving hurricane Maria. Her striving and positive attitude has made her overcome many struggles in life. She enjoys customer service and helping those in need. She has found the perfect job here at Maricamp Animal Hospital due to her extreme bubbly and joyful attitude that spreads throughout the atmosphere. She enjoys volunteers in 5Ks, various beach cleaning projects. She’s a firm believer in family values and exploring new arts and paddle boarding and any water nature adventures.


Customer Care Representative

Katie was born and raised in Ocala FL. She grew up on a farm, where her passion and love for animals blossomed. She has worked with many different species, from domesticated pets, to exotic birds and reptiles, and even Florida’s Natural Wildlife. She has two cats, one dog, two parrots, and also helps take care of local strays in her area. Her love for animals has only grown since joining the Maricamp family, as well has her passion for advocating not only for the fur babies but for their families as well.


Customer Care Representative

Abby was born in Miami Florida. She has 6 dogs and 1 cat at home. She knew Maricamp Animal Hospital would be a great fit for her since she has always had a big compassionate heart when it comes to animals. Since she has been a part of the Happy Bubble Team her love for animals has grown more and more every day.


Activation Caller

Suzy’s family moved to Ocala, when she was a teenager, to get away from the harsh winters in Illinois. She enjoys many outdoor activities year around which include snorkeling, boating, and camping. All of the pets she’s ever had were either rescued from shelters or from individuals that weren’t able to care for them. Her favorite dog, Chance- a boxer mix breed, will always have a special place in her heart. Chance gave Suzy companionship, loyalty, protection and most of all unconditional love. Suzy is a part of the Activation team at Maricamp Animal Hospital. She calls our clients to let them know it’s time for their pets annual Wellness Exam and vaccines and does an A+ job educating them on the importance of such medical work. It is so rewarding for Suzy to be able to talk with clients about their pets and how much they are a part of their family. Suzy strives for every pet to live a long and healthy life!