Veterinary Intern

John is our Director of Expansion, his eagerness for the use of new medical treatments and technology and his interest for the wellbeing of animals makes a great combination for his new position after been our Director of Medical Service for several years.

Originally from New York City, John grew up between Colombia and The United States. He received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Universidad De La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia where he also was a research assistant and a professor assistant.

He and his wife also a veterinarian owned an animal hospital for almost 10 years before deciding to move to the sunshine state, where they enjoy going to the beach or any outdoor activities with their 2 children. Besides cooking while listening to music, John enjoys spoiling their dog and 2 cats, watching movies, reading and keeping up with any innovations in the medicine world human and animal.


Human Resources

Anna grew up in Southern Kentucky tending and caring for a variety of animals from an early age including Appaloosa and Quarter horses, cows, chickens, donkeys, and geese. She adores her two cats, Mookfin and Yuki, and sharing that same love and compassion for animals is what helps her bring Our vision to life. She comes from a medical background and has worked in Human Resources for the past three years helping organizations grow and develop their employees and operational processes so they can focus on caring for their patients. Anna loves the outdoors and lives on the Rainbow River with her family where she regularly adventures out kayaking, fishing, and paddle boarding in her free time. Anna also enjoys volunteering in community events and participating in professional development organizations and learning projects.

Jasmine Marie

Marketing Coordinator

As the Marketing Coordinator at Maricamp Animal Hospital, Jasmine Marie has grown significantly in her role over the last three years, bringing a unique blend of creativity and a keen interest in technology and personal development to the team. Her work is a reflection of her dedication to not just her own growth but also to enhancing the hospital’s outreach and community connection. Jasmine’s commitment extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is in the early stages of creating a nonprofit to support individuals overcoming certain traumas, a testament to her passion for contributing positively to the community. Additionally, her participation in Toastmasters is part of her journey towards effective storytelling, aiming to inspire others through her experiences. Within Maricamp Animal Hospital, Jasmine is known for fostering a culture of support and growth, indicative of her collaborative spirit.

Her life outside of work is equally rich and fulfilling, characterized by projects that span marketing, brand building, painting, cooking, traveling and, more importantly, the companionship of her two cats, Taehyung and Norma, whom she enjoys a nice Sunday afternoon coddling and watching her shows with. Originally hailing from New York City, Jasmine has found a welcoming and vibrant community in Ocala, where she continues to explore her interests and make meaningful contributions, both personally and professionally.


Customer Care Team Lead

Rachel moved here from the Pacific Northwest in 2020 and joined the Maricamp Team shortly thereafter. She loves exploring the outdoors, road trips, going to concerts, singing karaoke, traveling and learning about new cultures . She is passionate about both animals and the environment! She dedicates her time advocating for the environment along with all of the creatures that we share our beautiful planet with.


Veterinary Technician

My name is Darbi and I was born and raised in South Florida. I’ve always loved being around animals and happy people so Maricamp Animal Hospital is a great fit for me. I grew up fostering Newfoundlands through the Newfoundland Club of Florida and that played a major role in my discovery of my love for animals. I enjoy spending time outside exploring the Springs and the natural beauty the area has to offer. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and growing within Maricamp Animal Hospital!


Veterinary Technician

Since Jenna began her career at Maricamp Animal Hospital, her love and respect for animals has grown deeper. She loves the bubbly and passionate environment Maricamp provides! She enjoys working alongside her teammates to make a difference in the lives of not only the animals, but also their owners. Jenna looks forward to progressing her Veterinary Medicine career at Maricamp Animal Hospital! Outside of work, Jenna enjoys spending time with her 5 dogs and family. She also enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.


Technician Assistant

Kayla goes by the “Dog Lady” from many of her peers in the community. Her love of animals has always been with her from before she can even remember. Kayla started rescuing kittens and puppies at the age of 6 and caring/tending to street dogs. It eventually led her to where she is now. Kayla professionally handles dogs for the show ring and breeding high quality bulldogs and providing families with their forever BFF.

Kayla’s main hobbies are reproduction work on animals and helping people understand their animals from a more hormonal and scientific aspect and helping them make their dreams a reality.


Veterinary Assistant

Omarys was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Ever since she was a little girl she felt the necessity of providing food and affection for helpless animals that did not have a place to call home. This drew her to be more caring towards her fur babies as she was growing up. When Omarys graduated from high school in New York, she moved to Florida to find some new motivation. She decided to join school and start a new career in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant. Omarys plans to expand her knowledge in school and become a veterinary technician.

When Omarys is not working she likes to spend her time with family and friends. Loves going to amusement parks and she really enjoys getting on roller coasters, loves the adrenaline , and also loves doing makeup.


Veterinary Assistant
Storie is a Florida native, and grew up in a family that always had a dog… or three! She went straight into the pet care field directly out of high school – working in the kennels at several municipal shelters and doggy daycares before moving into veterinary medicine with low-cost spay/neuter clinics and general practice. She pursues continual knowledge in all things canine: behavior and body language, grooming, training for sports and service work, etc. In her free time she can usually be found either working on some kind of physical craft project, playing video games, or out on the road with her personal dogs as they compete in a wide variety of K9 sports!


Veterinary Technician
Paige was born in Virginia but grew up in Missouri She was around animals from the very beginning including horses, cows, goats and of course, dogs. At 17, she joined the Navy and became an Explosive Detection Dog Handler, aka Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler. During her time in, she realized that while she loved her job, she also loved working with the base veterinarian in her free time. After 7 years, she got out of the Navy and moved to Gainesville, Florida with her husband to use her GI benefits to pursue an education in Animal Science and eventually go to UF Vet School. Paige is still very passionate about training dogs and has trained many service dogs for disabled veterans. She now has two young boys at the age of 2 and 1 and is very excited to build her career and her family.


Sheila was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Boston Massachusetts. She is an energetic soul who is always looking at things in the best light possible. While living in Boston, she would walk around looking for stray cats to get off the streets and into loving homes, even if it meant her own. At home she has four children and 2 dogs whom she loves dearly, She is a huge nerd and loves adventures and concerts.
Being placed in the animal hospital benefits everyone involved because Sheila is the first person to go above and beyond when someone is in need. Maricamp Animal Hospital Is the first step to her life goal of becoming a Vet. Don’t be shocked if you find her playing with as many puppies as she can find.


Veterinary Assistant
Zuly grew up in Puerto Rico where she learned at a very young age what it was to value an animal’s life. She would always feed stray animals and take home stray cats to nurse. Her animal passion continued to grow as the years went by and she would understand more the purpose and value of an animal. When she got to high school she began taking veterinary classes which opened up an opportunity to do interning and helped her realize that the vet med field is something she would want to do in the future. This opportunity helped her get a job in veterinary assisting at a young age. She hopes to continue her veterinary career and one day become a veterinarian. Apart from being a veterinary assistant, Zuly enjoys her free time spending time with her family and friends- which includes animals!


Veterinary Technician
Born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico where he grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds. He studied mechanical engineering but what has always called his attention was veterinary medicine, so he made a huge career change to pursue what he is truly passionate about, which is working with animals. He completed his veterinary assistant associate degree with Advantage Technical College at Puerto Rico and worked in PrimeVet veterinary hospital for almost 2 years as a veterinary technician. Recently he just moved to Florida with his family to start a new and better life.


Veterinary Technician
Madison was born and raised in Pennsylvania but moved here to Florida in 2005. She surprisingly had no animals growing up, but the love and passion for them was always there. She started in the vet field in 2016 and did take a hiatus for about a year, but she is back in the field now doing what she loves most. Madison is excited to grow and gain even more knowledge and experience with Maricamp Animal Hospital. During her free time, Madison can be found reading, playing video games, or spending time with her wife, daughter, and 10 cats.


Veterinary Assistant
My name is Kim, I am a born & raised Floridian, with furry children of my own. I moved from South East Florida, where my deep passion for caring for animals & working in conservation began. I love working with all types of animals and have volunteered at the South Florida Wildlife center, where I nursed injured, lost & displaced creatures of all shapes & sizes back to health. I couldn’t be more excited to be working in the field that I love! I am especially glad to be working with the amazing animal care professionals at Maricamp Animal Hospital.


Customer Care Representative
Xayra’s journey from Berlin to Miami, with stops in Orlando and beyond, is quite the adventure! Growing up in a multicultural household and being exposed to languages and cultures from a young age likely shaped her worldview. Her love for drawing and dancing, especially with a nostalgic nod to the 80s and 90s, adds a colorful dimension to her personality.

Her unexpected acquisition of reptiles during her visit to Orlando shows a spontaneous and adventurous side. Raising them into adulthood demonstrates her dedication and love for animals. It’s interesting how her passion for animals persisted even after her reptiles outgrew their space.
Education in architecture and design alongside her high school graduation suggests a creative and disciplined mindset. Marrying a Marine and navigating the challenges of military life underscores her resilience and adaptability.

The role of animals in Xayra’s life, both in companionship and as a source of joy, is profound. It’s heartening to see how they’ve played a significant role in her journey, bringing comfort and stability during difficult times. Transitioning into a career at an animal hospital feels like a natural progression, allowing her to share her love and understanding of animals with others while making a positive impact on their lives.

Overall, Xayra’s story is one of resilience, passion, and the transformative power of animals.