Meetings Meetings & More Meetings

It is all about the meetings lately! First, I had a Board meeting for the UF Pet Emergency Treatment Services which went well and it is always great to see the staff and doctors from UF. It has been a great experience to develop a relationship with my colleagues and can’t wait to continue. We handled some issues but the most important thing is we decided to increase our level of communication between the clinics in Ocala and UF – which of course I love!! Then John (Director of Medical Services) and I joined my husband at our consulting firm in Clearwater for some Statistic and Executive training. It is hard taking the time off of work and from my patients that I love but so important we continue our training in order to make sure we are always giving everyone our best. And then this week I have a social gathering for all the animal clinics and UF on Friday. Of course in between i have been loving on my children and my patients :):) That’s it for me! Time for bed so I can get up in the am and hopefully workout… Xanax for anxiety

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