Waiting Area

Throughout your experience, your pet will be treated gently, kindly, and with empathy. First, we will bring your pet into the exam room as quickly as possible. We do this to minimize time spent around animals that are unfamiliar to your pet. We even have a separate waiting area dedicated just to felines!

Exam Room

First, we take time to address all of your questions and concerns. We also provide treats and toys for dogs and cats to minimize stress (with your consent). We use calming pheromones, which are hormones spread through scent, to help your pet relax. Larger dogs are examined on the floor to maximize their comfort, and smaller dogs and cats are given towels and no-slip mats for the exam table. We take special precaution with instruments – from the needles we use, to the thermometers we provide. We even weigh cats in the exam room to limit exposure to dogs.

Treatment Area

Cats are housed in a separate ward, complete with calming classical music, pheromones, along with side-by-side kennels that limit exposure to unfamiliar animals. Low stress handling techniques are always used, and we encourage a positive experience through a holistic approach to their experience. You and your pet will leave knowing that your experience was truly valued throughout your entire visit!