Welcome to the Beginner Paws Package!

Our comprehensive wellness plans are crafted with your new fur family member’s health and happiness in mind. Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our tailored plans for puppies and kittens. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

A Package With All Your Puppies & Kittens Needs To A Happy & Healthy Life!

  • Tail-Wagging Care: All the essential vaccinations, wellness exams, and more, wrapped up in a cuddly package for your puppy or kitten.
  • Paw-some Flexibility: Easy-peasy 4 time payments, monthly. No ruff times ahead!
  • Duration: One full year of nose-to-tail care!
  • Free: Trupanion – Pet Insurance 30 Day Trial, Maricamp T-Shirt
  • And the giving continues: After your puppy or kitten is all big and ruff, you can sign up for 10% Off of a Spay or Neuter. AND 10% Off Flea & Tick Prevention!

Want to know more? Just give us a bark or a meow! We’re all ears to chat about how these plans can make your pet’s first year absolutely paw-fect.

Beginner Paws Package: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Beginner Paws Package?
The Beginner Paws Package is our premier wellness program designed specifically for the first year of your puppy or kitten’s life. It encompasses a range of essential health services including wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and much more, all curated for the developmental needs of young pets.
Who is eligible for the Beginner Paws Package?
This package is perfect for owners of puppies and kittens looking to ensure their pets get a healthy, vibrant start to life. It’s tailored for pets starting up to 10 weeks to provide foundational health care and preventative services.
What services are included in the Beginner Paws Package?
Included in this package are:
  • Routine wellness examinations
  • Core vaccinations and necessary boosters
  • Comprehensive parasite screening and preventative treatments
  • Microchipping for safety and identification
  • Nutritional counseling and supplements
  • Exclusive perks including a welcome kit
Are there different plans based on my pet’s size or breed?
Yes, our Puppy Plan is differentiated based on the anticipated adult size of the puppy (small, medium, large) to tailor the care to their specific growth needs. The Kitten Plan is standardized as their care requirements are more uniform.
Can I add spay/neuter services to this package?
Certainly! We recommend spay/neuter procedures for many pets for their health benefits. These services can be added to your Beginner Paws Package at an additional, discounted rate.
What is the cost of the Beginner Paws Package?
The cost varies depending on the plan selected and any additional optional services. We offer competitive pricing with package discounts to provide value while ensuring your pet receives top-tier care.
Do you offer payment plans?
Understanding financial flexibility is important, we provide options to pay in full or through an installment plan of four easy payments. Our aim is to make comprehensive care accessible to all pets.
What should I do if I need to reschedule an appointment?
Keeping appointments is crucial for your pet’s health plan, but we understand unforeseen circumstances can arise. Simply contact us to reschedule, and we’ll find a new time that works for you.
How do I enroll my pet?
Enrolling in the Beginner Paws Package is easy! Reach out via phone, visit our clinic, or complete our online appointment form. Our friendly staff is on hand to guide you through the process.
Have more questions?
Your pet’s health is our priority. Contact us anytime for more details about the Beginner Paws Package or for any other pet health inquiries.