The Ocala Style Women’s Expo is designed to foster empowerment and inspire women to pursue their passions. And, with an eye to supporting our future leaders, ticket sales from the event will benefit PACE Center for Girls – Marion, which helps transform the lives of local girls.

Katherine O’Brien – 40 under 40 2021

Grand goal in life: I have full intention to leave my children and this world with an empire that keeps creating and prospering to save lives. My daily mission is to ensure animals are healthy and safe while educating owners to care for their pets just like family. Going beyond this for me is to have a clear path to help educate people so we are all more responsible and charitable in our lives in order to create a world and environment that is positive and productive.

Leading Women – Katherine O’Brien

Veterinarian Katherine O’Brien built her “purposely-driven” business on her innate love for animals, stemming from childhood, and through honesty, ethics and passion. She and her staff are committed to a positive culture that leads to delivering more than their clients expect and also in the belief that educating people is paramount in being able to help pets.

Altruistic Animal Advocates – June 2020

Helping every single pet is a big goal. Dr. O’Brien and the staff of Maricamp Animal Hospital have set out to accomplish it with compassion and dedication.

SPAH 5th Annual Festival – October 2019

Maricamp Animal Hospital hosted the Saving Paws and Hooves (SPAH) Annual Festival on Saturday, August 24th. SPAH helps pets who are in “life and death” medical situations and pet owners for whom finances are a barrier to lifesaving care. Guests enjoyed catering by Moe’s Southwest Grill, wine from Island Grove Wine Company, and such activities as a painting class led by Madai Lopez and musical entertainment by Elio Piedra.