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SPAH 5th Annual Festival

Posted September 3, 2019 | Photography by Dave Miller
Maricamp Animal Hospital hosted the Savings Paws and Hooves (SPAH) Annual Festival on Saturday, August 24. SPAH helps pets who are in serious, medical life and death situations and pet families for whom finances are a barrier to saving their pet’s life. Maricamp’s Marketing Director Kristen Beran said, “We want to help pet owners help their pets and avoid situations where animals are euthanized due to treatment cost. We believe that no pet should be left behind due to their innocence and grace.”

About 70 animal lovers attended SPAH’s fifth annual fundraiser. Guests enjoyed catering by Moe’s Southwest Grill, and wine from Island Grove Winery was available for purchase. Other activities included a painting class led by Madai Lopez, a silent auction, and entertainment by Elio Piedra.

The event raised money to help animals such as Wildfire, a foal who was burned in a barn fire. Thanks to SPAH, the Equine Performance Center, and generous donations, the young horse is on her way to recovery.
Beran and the SPAH organization believe in positivity and human kindness. “We rely on a basic truth that people are good and have faith that there is greatness and gratitude within our community. It is vital that we are creating environments that are inspiring and uplifting to others around us.”

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