Ashley’s First Blog!

Yippyy!! I’m blogging! What!!? It’s Saving Paws & Hooves Annual Festival time and I am super excited. We have a lot going on! The video produced by Moy Media that goes over all of the exciting details will be launching next week. Everyone keep an eye out for that. Another super exciting thing that is happening is every Friday I am going out in the community talking about what the event is for and collecting items for a AUCTION!! Does anyone want to know what the donations go towards? Of course you do! Every penny that is raised for this event will go to saving pets lives in the community that are in a life or death situation in the event that the owner does not have the finances. If you can do me a favor and stay tuned, every month I will have a new blog updating each and every one of you on the new exciting details!!! Can’t wait 🙂

– Ashley
Director of Public Contact

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