Ashley’s First Blog!

Yippyy!! I’m blogging! What!!? It’s Saving Paws & Hooves Annual Festival time and I am super excited. We have a lot going on! The video produced by Moy Media that goes over all of the exciting details will be launching next week. Everyone keep an eye out for that. Another super exciting thing that is happening is every Friday I … Read More

Let The Blogging Begin…

Wow! A Blog… This is so exciting for me I have been wanting a running blog for the entire time that I have owned Maricamp. The purpose of a blog for me is to be able to communicate to my clients in a way like never before. I am so grateful for my clients and I want to let them … Read More

Tips for your Pets

I am constantly coming across tips for my clients and their pets! We post tips on our Facebook and try to inform all clients that come through the door but the reality is that it doesn’t reach all clients.  What a Shame! It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to learn. This blog will serve as Maricamp’s platform … Read More

Meetings Meetings & More Meetings

It is all about the meetings lately!  First, I had a Board meeting for the UF Pet Emergency Treatment Services which went well and it is always great to see the staff and doctors from UF.  It has been a great experience to develop a relationship with my colleagues and can’t wait to continue.  We handled some issues but the most important … Read More

Endurance & Empowerment

Endurance… Endurance is defined as the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. Endurance is when you win. You stick it out not matter how rough the road or how long the journey.  We all come across things in our life that test us.  Whether that be testing our ability to communicate … Read More


This week is National Veterinary Technician Week & it is a week that we get to say Thank You to the wonderful men and women who keep our patients Safe and Happy… There job is just not to love on puppies and kittens.  They are so much more than that!  Our technicians are a special breed of amazing… They are … Read More